Gold is the real money

A trusted way to own convenient, secure, accessible, transferable, pure physical gold.

phi walletPhiwallet bullionPhiwallet bullionPhiwallet bullion

Fully featured to buy, sell & invest in physical gold

secure vault
App to buy gold
App to buy gold
where to buy gold

Get started with Phi  in 3 easy steps

1. Download the app

Download Phi app from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Verify your identity

Verify your identity by going through our KYC process.

3. Make a deposit

Make a deposit to your Phi account using your EUR bank account. USD is coming soon.

All set to go!

You're all set to start building your wealth!

The security of preserving the value of your wealth

The precious metal is now easier to buy and sell in any volume, accessible, transferable, secure, and entirely yours.

Start owning the only time-trusted asset.
No budget restraints. Your plans can be in Gold!
Access your gold any time and keep it securely stored.

Start building your wealth and protect it from inflation

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